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Do I need to open a succession?
Do I really need a will?
Do I have to go to court to get a divorce?

These are the questions I get asked more than any others. If you find yourself asking any of these or other legal questions, you need reasonable legal advice tailored to your specific needs. Each situation is different, and the answer for your neighbor might not be the answer for you. I'd like to help you develop your answer.


I like to focus not just on the issue at hand but on how that issue relates to the needs of the client based on his or her entire life picture. I work with my clients to formulate a well reasoned plan to meet their objectives. To do that takes time, and I am willing to spend as much time as it takes with each of my clients so that together we can achieve the most gratifying result.


Give me a call, or send me a message. Let's set up a time to discuss your situation. 

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